Sunday, April 1, 2012

Philadelphia Union vs. Vancouver White Caps Recap

So I was wrong.

There. I said it. Did we win? No, the Union didn't win. But we did tie. We held a team with a crippled attack to no goals. Which is exactly what we should have done. And it is something we haven't done all season. Our backline, finally at full strength, performed the way it should. And Zack MacMath, with said backline in front of him, played well. He had a daring save on Le Toux in the early going, and it seemed to set the stage for him. I don't know if it was this save, or the full strength backline, but defense was not a worry for me on Saturday.\

Unfortunately, our downfall was, as it always is, finishing chances. And don't think for a second the Union aren't in position. Because they are. They just don't pull the trigger. I'm not sure what the problem is, but there are plenty of them. Pajoy does not have support in the area. He's good, and he could be great in the MLS, but he can't do it alone. Danny Mwanga needs to be his partner. And Nowak has a habit of not starting Mwanga.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the Chandler Hoffman pick. I still love it. I just don't think Saturday was the right time to start an untested rookie. A visiting West Coast team, with a depleted attack comes in to visit, and Nowak puts in a rookie? i don't understand it. I'll give Danny Mwanga credit, he is not afraid to take a shot. And that's what the Union need.

This team is a team on the brink. And it's a good brink. The defense showed a return to form this weekend. MacMath looked good in goal. I'm not worried about this team losing games 4-3.

But I am worried about losing them 1-0. But from the looks of the attack, and the hesitation they show, all they need is one goal, and more will come. It will open the floodgates, so to speak. But to score that goal, the Union need to stop hesitating. Take a shot. Sure the keeper might grab it, but he might not. Or there might be a rebound opportunity for someone to clean up. Until someone takes the shot, we'll never know.

So overall, this was a good weekend for the Union. They showed more promise today than they have all season. The defense looked great. MacMath looked like the goalie we need him to be.

All we need now is some offense.

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  1. Since you never get any comments, I thought I would leave one. I agree. We really need offense.