Monday, April 9, 2012


Can the Union score? Of course they can, provided the reserve squad is the squad on the field. The reserve squad played to a dominating 4-2 victory over the New England Revolution reserve side. And in doing so, they double the offensive output of the big boys by 2 to 1. In one game. And the main squad has had 4 games. So what did we learn from this game?

1. Josue Martinez deserves a shot to start.
And I think he should be paired with Danny Mwanga. Call me crazy, but if Nowak wants to go with youth, stick Danny out there with him. I want to see the Union play an up tempo game, and Danny loves to run. And the Union today stated they wanted to play an uptempo game. "It's something (coach John Hackworth) always tries to push," Burke explained. "We talked about it in the locker room today: tempo. We talk about tempo all the time, and finding a rhythm. Everyone (was playing) one or two touch passes in our middle third and our defensive third, and it was just about connecting the dots and moving the pieces around defensively.  hat's where you see the windows start to open up and we can use a guy like Antoine, a guy like Chandler (Hoffman), a guy like Josue. They all did well today." So Martinez can play uptempo and score. So lets see what Danny and Josue can do. The very idea of it gets my blood racing.

2. Amobi Okugo looks good.
 Really good. I think he deserves a chance too. i know the midfield seems to be a little crowded., with Adu, Okugo, Gomez, Torres, Carroll, and the Farfan brothers all fighting for spots. But if the downward trend continues for the starting 11, lets give Okugo a chance, and see what he can do. Because after a 4 goal performance from the offence today, and a clicking offense running through him, I'm willing to give Okugo a shot in place of Adu to see if he can jump start the offense a bit.

3.  Nowak may be on to something.
I didn't think I would be saying that any time soon this season. But he may be on to something. Our young guys looked good. Really good. The offense was up tempo and attacking. If you take a away a controversial  penalty that resulted in a goal in the first half, the Union backline allowed only 1 goal in the game. So the young guys are good. And maybe we aren't seeing that product on the field just yet. but Nowak wants a young, attacking team. And his reserve squad appears to have all the pieces he needs. Now he just needs to figure out how transfer the tempo and play up to the first squad.

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