Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If the Union Can Learn One Thing From This Flyers Game...

It's that scoring matters. The Flyers have looked much better in the 2nd period. They've held possession. They've dictated tempo. Much like the Union have in their matches. In fact, if you look at the Union and the Flyers, you can't help but see the similarities. Both are teams built around a young core. Both teams have had trouble scoring. The only difference is that the Flyers have figured out how to score and the Union have not.
So what do the Union have to do? Simple. They need to do what the Flyers did, and rely on their young talent to carry the load. Stop fiddling with the starting 11. Danny Mwanga has the talent and the guts to make a good striker. But he needs to be in the match to take shots. Same thing with the Farfan brothers. And with Torres and Okugo. The young players for the Union have a lot of promise. And I know the season is young, and a few matches won could see the Union climbing the table. But did anyone pay attention to the reserve match?

That's what I want to see. A young team with a lot of fight and fire. A team that scores. A lot. A team that works together, plays balls up through the midfield, and controls the run of play. Did I mention that they score, by the way? And if Nowak really wants to go to a young team, that's what he needs to do. Go young, I'm all for it. But keep the same starting 11, and let them gel as unit. Give them a chance.

Besides, it's not like they'll score less.

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