Friday, April 13, 2012

Can You Believe It???

I can't. The Flyers did it again. They came back again. Down 3-1 at the end of the 1st period, they came roaring back to win game 2 8-5. You read that right, 8-5. And game 2 can be summed up with the play of one player.
Sean Coturier had the game of his career, and it was at a vital time. he held the league points leader Evgeni Malkin to 2 assists. But more importanly, Coturier scored his first career hat trick. Away. In the Stanley Cup playoffs. That's right. A 19 year old rookie scored a hat trick while leading his team to an 8-5 victory in a hostile Pittsburgh, and helped his team take a commanding 2-0 lead in the playoff series with the Pens.

But this game was not without its flaws for the Flyers. Bryzgalov made some amazing saves, but he also let in 5 goals. And they weren't all his fault, the defense needs to answer for some of those goals as well. And the Flyers had to fight back from a deficit again. I know they have the nickname the Comeback Kids, but that can only last for so long. Now that the series is back in Philadelphia, I want to see the Flyers play with the same passion and intensity for 3 periods in Philadelphia, as opposed to the 2 periods of passion we've seen in Pittsburgh.

But you can't argue with results. People had the Penguins pegged as a Cup favorite, a hot team with a returning superstar in Sidney Crosby who would steamroll the Flyers. But the opposite has been true. Despite falling behind by multiple goals in the first two games, the Flyers have made the Penguins pay on home ice. Now the series comes back to Philly, and Flyers fans are excited to see a team who doesn't quit take it to the Penguins on home ice.

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