Monday, April 2, 2012

Heading into the Playoffs

I realize I have been concentrating a lot on the Union lately. And with good reason. Off to a terrible start, the Union and their seemingly self destructive head coach are in a bad spot.

The exact opposite is true of the Flyers.

The Flyers are looking to skate into the postseason on a strong note. My previous articles about Bryzgalov? Apparently it was all in his head. And as scary as that is, his head seems to be in the right spot right now. And so do the rest of the Flyers. Goals aplenty are being scored. At the end of last night's game, a vicious hit at the end of the 3rd period brought the whole team together to defend each other. Hell, even Laviolette got in on the action, yelling at the Pittsburgh bench.

So what does this mean for Flyers fans? Hang on to your hats, its going to be a great post season. All Year, the Flyers have shown the ability to come back in games. And they can score. And now they have a hot goalie. They are going to be a dangerous team come playoff time. Any team with a goalie playing like Bryzgalov has to be a formidable opponent, especially in the opening round.

We'll know more after the last few games of the regular season. Can the Flyers finally beat the Rangers? Will they take 5 of 6 regular season match ups against the Pens? And who will they face in the opening round?

It's shaping up to be one hell of a final week.

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