Wednesday, April 4, 2012

After a Month...

The Union are still searching for their first victory. They have 1 point through 4 matches. And their defense has been porous. But at least the Vancouver match gave Union fans a little hope. But one thing on the sideline keeps me from being too optimistic about this season for the Union.
The coach. Who has refused to play the same lineup, shuffled positions, shuffled formations, and kept out the captain of the team for an injury I'm still not sure actually existed. And don't get me wrong, I'm not saying just putting Danny Califf in would have won us a match. But it definitely would have helped the backline. Instead of playing a 3 man backline, where everyone was weak because it was something the Union weren't used to playing. Now with a 4 man backline of Valdes, Williams, Califf, and Lopez, we only have to worry about Lopez letting people get the edge on him. One weak link is better than 3 weak links.

Then we come to someone who started the season, and appeared like they were going to be a problem.
But i think MacMath's problems were an extension of the defensive problems. I think defensive lapses left him out of position, and also left him feeling a heavier weight on his shoulders than he really needed to bear. When he had a solid defensive backline in front of him against Vancouver, he played well. He made great saves against a returning Le Toux,  He looked like the goalie we expected him to be. And I think this is the MacMath we will see for the rest of the season.

The only thing left to address is what's in front of the defense. And that needs work. Not on the skill. I think the strikers have the skill to score. I think Adu can be a presence in the midfield. And Okugo, Daniel, and the Farfans look solid. What the attack and midfield need is some confidence. The confidence to pull the trigger more often, and the confidence that when they do, they'll put the ball in the net. And the only way to get that confidence is to play. The defense and keeping can improve with the week off. The offense needs to score against a real opponent to get their confidence up. 

And once they get their confidence? Look out, this team will climb the rankings.

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