Monday, April 2, 2012

Can The Union Pull the Trigger?

After reading an article over at The Philly Soccer Page, I came across a little statistic that is both shocking and expected this season. The Union haven't scored in 203 minutes.

That's right. 203 minutes!

As a Union fan, I've become accustomed to low scoring games. The Union made their way through last season on low scoring games. As long as the defense and Mondragon did their job last season, someone would poach a goal, and we would eke out a 1 goal victory.

This season? Well, Saturday the defense and MacMath did their job. They kept the ball out of the back of the net. And looked good doing it, might I add. The defensive display Saturday, minus the play of Lopez, was exactly what I wanted to see. And MacMath looked strong in net. I give credit where credit is due, and he played a helluva game Saturday. No one on the defense is looking back at the first few games, or suffering confidence problems.

No, the confidence problem seems to be on the attacking side of the ball. And there a lot of reasons for it. The strikers are not getting the best looks. Long balls dumped to Pajoy can work, but when that seems to be your entire offensive plan at times, it becomes very predictable. Starters being swapped needs to stop. Nowak needs to pick out 2 strikers. At this point, I don't even care who. I would pick Pajoy and Mwanga. And he needs to start the same formation for at least 3 games in a row. Let the attack gel and find their feet. Let them anticipate the moves their team mates will make.

But instead, formations change. Starters change. I can't wait for Chandler Hoffman to make an impact. But we needed that win Saturday. And Danny Mwanga on the field would have given us a better chance. He has experience against MLS competition, and he takes shots. Something the Union seemed afraid to do Saturday. Almost as though they have scared themselves into believing that they can't score, so they don't even try. Getting the ball into the attacking third is not their problem. Finishing is.

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