Thursday, April 26, 2012

Philadelphia Union vs. San Jose Earthquakes Preview

This match scares me. I can admit it. When I looked at the schedule before the season started, and I looked at records from 2011, I penciled this in as a 3 point match. But now, a month and a half into the schedule, this is anything but an easy 3 points.

The Earthquakes bring a lot to the table. San Jose leads the Western Conference right now, and they have beaten some quality opponents. Granted this match is on the East coast, which should help the Union, but still, the Earthquakes present a unique challenge. And the biggest challenge will be their emotional and scoring leader, Chris Wondolowski.

Wondo has been a wonder this season. An ball hawk, and a player who can turn a touch into a goal, he has scored more goals this season than the whole Union team have. Even if you multiply their goal total by 2. So San Jose has something the Union do not. An offense. But that offense, prolific though it is compared to the U's, is facing a defense that has not allowed a goal in over 300 minutes.

So that becomes the main focus of this matchup. Can Chris Wondolowski beat Zac Macmath and company? maybe its the homer in me, but I still see 3 points here. And not only do I see 3 points, but I see a statement game for the Union. After a tumultuous match against Chivas U.S.A., the Union will come out full of fire and brimstone, and they will play like we haven't seen them play all season. I see a game where the Union offense finally clicks, and a game where the defense continues their dominance. My prediction? Hold on to your hats...

Union 3- Earthquakes 0

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