Friday, March 30, 2012

Saturday: Can They do it?

  First of all, let me say that I am jealous of all of you readers who get to go to the game on Saturday. The Union are desperate for a win. Le Toux is desperate for revenge against Nowak. Nowak is desperate to show that his system can work. And I'm desperate to go the game. But alas, I have work, and so I'll be following the game from the MLS app on my phone, and twitter feeds.

 So Saturday is the day. The day that the Union have to have to turn around their season. A 3 match losing streak is bad, no doubt about it. But a convincing win at home can change a team's fortunes, and change their momentum. And beating the West leading 'Caps would definitely be a momentum shifter. And the Union are finally going to be back at full strength. A defensive backline that has experience together and can protect the young goalie behind them. Olympic team players back from their failed attempts to qualify bring depth back to the midfield.

  So Saturday looms. A date with destiny might be a little strong. But the season hinges on this day. And Peter Nowak's system hinges on this day. Starting a season 0-4 after contending for the top spot in the East all season last year would be devastating to Nowak's system. His young players philosophy already appears to be unraveling. And 0-4 would be the final nail in the coffin. Can this team beat a team like Sporting KC or Vancouver right now? No, probably not.

  I'm worried about being able to contend with the Revs.

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