Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On the Verge of a Sweep

The Flyers are on the verge of sweeping the Penguins out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And it's been a rough go for the Penguins. The Flyers have scored 20 goals in 3 games. They've come back to take the lead against the Penguins in every game. And the Penguins are frustrated and showing it. Players who are know throughout the league are venting and losing their cool. Sidney Crosby is the biggest offender. Little things, like flicking away a glove, seem to be the actions of a petulant child, not the League's favored son.

But other Penguins are getting in on the fun too. Aaron Asham smashed some faces. And James Neal launched one of the most unnecessary hits I've ever seen on Sean Coturier. And its hits like this that worry me. Because the Flyers, despite their reputation, have been playing a clean series. But the Penguins have not. And now the Penguins face elimination.

And with the way the Flyers have been scoring, the Penguins could know before the final seconds that their season is done. And if they were willing to perpetrate vicious, uncalled for, blindside hits on Flyers while their season still has a chance at survival, what will they do if they find themselves down 3 goals with a period left? The optimist in me says that they will play a clean game, and try to come back. Fight the valiant fight, but go down in the end.

The realist in me knows that they won't do that. That every Penguin from Sidney Crosby on down will be looking for a chance to take a cheap shot, a low blow, a slash, hell, maybe even pull some hair like a little girl(Crosby). And the Flyers know this too. So I have 2 hopes for this game. The first would be a clean sweep, and an end to what has become a very violent series. The other is a game that the Flyers escape injury free. Regardless of the outcome, the Penguins seem to think the only way they can win is knock out key Flyers. So the Flyers need to be prepared for that. And if the Pens do goon it up?

Sid the Kid better look out.

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