Monday, January 30, 2012

The 2nd Half

The Flyers.

What can they do after the All-Star break?

It's all up to the goalies. And the offense. But mostly the goalies. Let's face it, Flyers fans, The Flyers have a B battle on their hands.

In this corner, the veteran with the big contract, BYZGALOV!!!!!

And in this corner, the young upstart, BOBROVSKY!!!!

So yes, it will  be a fun second half. And yes, both goalies will be fighting for their playoff lives. Because the Flyers will make the playoffs. Their offense is too good not to make the playoffs. But their goalies need to pick their game up.

And the infighting is exactly what they need.

It will drive each goalie to succeed. To win. And that is what the Flyers need. Because after the All Star break, the Flyers need to come out hot. And they will. They will score. But more importantly, the Flyers need to decide on a goalie. And the next few games will decide who the Flyers go with. Despite my criticisms, I hope Bryzgalov comes out on top. Not only is he getting the money, he has the skill. He just needs to live up to the expectations.

And he will.

Or else Bobrovsky will take his place.

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