Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sebastian Le Toux

The rumor mill is working its magic, with the newest rumor being Sebastian Le Toux to Bolton. This is a great move for the MLS, it always nice to see top talent going to a better league. It shows how far the MLS has come, with players being sought after for the upper leagues in Europe. But what does it mean for the Union?

It means a lot. Le Toux has notched 25 goals and 20 assists in his time with the Union. He leads the team in both categories. He plays every minute of every game, the Frenchman seems to run forever. He creates plays, assists in plays, helps out on defense. He is a tireless leader. Which is exactly why the Union picked him. And he has lived up to their expectations. Taking the team on his shoulders the second half half of the 2011 season, Le Toux took a second year expansion team to the playoffs. No mean feat.

Le Toux leaving will also mean the end of a brief era. Le Toux is the only member of the original starting 11 left with the Union. He marks the end of the expansion era. The end of a beginning. In his time here, albeit it a very brief time, Le Toux has become a fan favorite. Anyone who has been to a game has heard the crowd cheer "LE TOUXXXXX" when he scores a goal. He has connected with Philly fans in a way I never thought I would see a soccer player do in this town.

But what it really means to Philly is a rude awakening. A welcome to the world of soccer. Most other teams live in fear of their star player being poached by one of the big boys. And for 2 years, the Union have had a leader and game changer in Le Toux. And now we might not. Even if he doesn't leave for Bolton, in his current form of play, it's inevitable that he will be picked up by a larger and better financed team.

So good bye Le Toux. It's been a pleasure watching you play the past two years. And I'll be cheering for you in Bolton(unless they're playing the U). And hello real soccer, I can't say I've been looking forward to the day you would notice the Union, but I guess I knew this day would come.

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  1. The biggest problem I see is who will replace le toux? I have yet to see anyone on the union team who can come close to matching his performance but hey maybe we'll finally see one of the other players take the reigns. The union has done well but if this trade happens I fear that they will fall in ranks.