Sunday, March 18, 2012

Philadelphia Union Recap/ MLS Live Complaint

Normally I would write a recap of the match here. I would complain about all sorts of things. Shots that Pajoy missed that Le Toux would have hit. Who in the hell is Allbright? And why in the hell was he on the field? And where was Danny Califf? And why do we keep switching formations? Or a million other things.

But I can't. Because I bought MLS Live. Which means I can't watch the game until 48 hours after the game was originally broadcasted. Even though I paid for it.

What a horrible service.

Anyway, it was another poor match for the Union. The offense misfired on numerous occasions. Both goals allowed were defensive lapses, and MacMath should have stopped them. MacMath had a great 7 game stretch last season when he knew Mondragon was coming back. Now that he is the main man for the Union could the pressure be getting to him?

Or could it be instead that the defense in front of him isn't playing as well? Danny Califf, a defensive stalwart for the Union, sat on the bench, while Chris Allbright let the Rapids steal away an easy goal when they were down a man.

Even these two goals could have been excused had the Union connected on a few more of their 20 attempts on goal, 5 of which were on target.

But the biggest question is Nowak. And what in the hell he is doing. Nowak may say he has a master plan. And I think I finally figured it out. Change the formation weekly. Trade away good players and fan favorites so we can start career underachievers and untested young players. And get mad at the fans and press when they question you. Seems about right to me.

What do you think?

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