Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flyers vs. Wild Recap

Told Bryzgalov just needed to shake whatever was bugging him before and now he can play to his true potential.

Truer words have never been spoken. Bryzgalov delivered a gem in net tonight. He saved 25 of 26 shots. Now some might argue that he should have saved this many shots, since the Wild are not the best team in the West. I would be one of those critics. Bryz should have done exactly what he did. And the best part?

He did it.

All season, Bryzgalov has underperformed. He has let in soft goals, let up big leads, and let his team down. He's been a media magnet, mainly because he says crazy things. And now, with this game, he did exactly what he's being paid to do. All he needs to do now is string together some more starts like this, and the 1st half of his 1st year will fade quickly.

And thats not to say the rest of the team didn't play well. The Flyers dominated from end to end. The defense was stellar. They even got in on the scoring, With Kimmo Timmonen scoring in the 1st period, and  Braydon Coburn scoring in the 2nd period, the defense lit up the scoreboard.  And the offense just poured on from there. Couturier scored in his 5th straight game, the second rookie to do so this season for the Flyers. Hartnell scored his 20th goal. And Voracek notched a tally as well.

Overall, this is the most complete game the Flyers have played in a long time. The only question left is can they carry it over to the next game? The next 5 games? Only time will tell.

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