Thursday, January 12, 2012

And with the 13th pick...

The Philadelphia Union picked Chandler Hoffman, left footed striker from UCLA. Hoffman had a stellar career at UCLA, ending with 29 goals, 9 assists, and 67 points in 54 games played. A stellar career for a collegiate player. And a steal for the Union at the 13th pick. The union can only hope to duplicate the results of last year's draft, which yielded rookie of the year candidate Michael Farfan.

So what does Hoffman bring to the table? Scoring. The Union stabilized their backline last season, and this offseason, pickups have strengthened that. The Philadelphia defense and goalkeeping would make nearly every club jealous.  Only the reigning champs, the LA Galaxy, have a more formidable backline the Union does. What the Union need most is attacking strength, and Hoffman gives it to them.

"I'm definitely a goal scorer. I create opportunities in and around the 18 and I finish those opportunities when I get them."  And that is what the Union attack lacked last season, minus Le Toux. It lacked confidence, and it lacked finishing. The Union could possess the ball, move it forward, they could even create the plays. What they needed was a finisher. And between off season pickups, and a strong 1st round pick for the Union, their offense appears well on the way towards finishing opportunities they could not finish last season.

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