Friday, January 20, 2012

A Goodbye to Veljko Paunović

Say goodbye to this man, Union fans.

Veljko Paunović played one season in the MLS, and he played it for the Union.   Paunović has played 18 seasons in professional soccer. Over 400 games.  He played in 17 games for Union, and scored 3 goals and had 3 assists with the Union. But more importantly, he was a veteran leader on a team with young talent. Paunović, Le Toux, and Mondragon helped keep the balance on a team that far exceeded expectations in their second year in existence.

Paunović also became a fan favorite.  in an interview with, Paunović said, "I want to thank the great Union family for welcoming me from the very first day that I came here. I've been so many places around the world and I have never felt as happy as I have been here. It is with great sadness that I announce my retirement from soccer due to family reasons but I will never forget the Union fans and the atmosphere at PPL Park every game. I have proudly worn the Union jersey wherever we have played throughout the country and I will always feel like a Union "soldier" wherever I am in the world."

Not to brag, but it is nice to here that from a player who has played all throughout Europe in his career. A player who has been around the world, and loved playing for the Union. With the trade rumors concerning Sebastian Le Toux, and Paunović's retirement, the Union stand to lose quite a bit of veteran skill and leadership. But hopefully statements like the one Paunović made will help bring in talent to replace the players we've lost.

I'd like to end with a thank you for your time here, Veljko Paunović. It was a blast watching you play in the Union colors.

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