Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bryz or Bob?

Ahh, the question on every Flyer fan's mind. Bryzgalov or Bobrovsky. The double B's. Which goalie is the goalie to take the Flyers to the Stanley Cup? Can either goalie do it? Or is Philadelphia really just a place promising goalies come to let their careers die?

An enigmatic and amusing figure to be sure. But Cup winning goalie? I'm just not sure right now. Sure he has flashes of brilliance. Bryzgalov has done the one thing this season the Flyers couldn't do last season. Pitch a shutout. But despite this early glimpse at goalie greatness, his recent play show nothing of the promise the early season held. Recent losses, bad losses, have shown that a bad game can get into Bryz's head, and stay there. And that is not a quality you want in a goalie signed to a 9 year deal.

Bob is without doubt a goalie with promise. But the problem with Bob last year was a promising start. Then he collapsed in the stretch run, as did all the other goalies on the Flyer's staff. So yes, Bob looks good so far, and he is playing well in relief. But can he handle the starter duties? Because when it came time for clutch goaltending last year, he couldn't.

So who should be in goal? In one word, Bryzgalov. Bryz was the man the Flyers signed to take them to the next level. And they've made their point, sitting him for the Winter Classic. And now it is time for Bryz to be back between the pipes. It's time for him to earn the money, and the years that the Flyer's have given him.

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