Monday, July 30, 2012

Will They Stay or Will They Go?

Today is the day of reckoning for Penn State fans. Penn State has had sanctions levied on them. But most of the players have reaffirmed their commitment to stay. Most of the recruits have also committed to Penn State. But there are still a few players who haven't made a commitment. And the most important of those players is Silas Redd.

Redd is expected to make an announcement concerning his decision to stay or go. And the school he's considering is USC. And can you blame Redd? He's a star and a stud running back. With a couple more seasons of good football, Redd has a solid chance to be high draft pick. The problem he faces is a matter of publicity. where will he get more? Succeeding at USC, and succeeding in bowl games? Or leading a Penn State team facing crippling sanctions?

It's a tough choice. USC not only means press and bowl games, it also means a probable chance at a national championship. The PAC-12 has been a playground for USC over the last 10 years. And with Matt Barkley leading the charge, and Silas Redd in the backfield, the Trojans would a force in the PAC-10. And for a young college athlete, this has to be an alluring offer.

But to stay at Penn State? That would take guts. leading a team for two seasons with no shot at a bowl. No shot at a Big 10 championship. And a virtual guarantee that each season will be worse than the last. But the respect and admiration that he would gain by staying? Unmeasurable. He would be a hero to the Penn State nation. And he would also be an example for his fellow players who are looking at other teams.

So Penn Staters are holding their collective breath. And praying that Redd chooses to stay. It's not that the season hangs on Redd one way or the other. But he will be a huge help to an offense that hasn't exactly lit up the scoreboard in recent seasos. So Redd would be a big help.

So all Penn State fans can do now is wait. And hope that the good qualities o Penn State, and the culture of the University can help convince Redd to stay. Because it wouldn't just be a big statement for the season, it would be a big statement for the University. It would show that despite the crippling NCAA sanctions, Penn State is going to fight hard on and off te field.

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