Monday, July 23, 2012

In Anticipation of Penalties...

The one thing I find strange is how excited people are for the Penn State penalties to be handed down. Penalties that will not just effect the football program, but the town, and the economy of the region beyond.  Penalties that will are being handed down for actions committed by a man who was not an employee of Penn State, and for the actions taken by members not a part of the football team.

But regardless of why, the thing that scares me is the fervor of people waiting for the penalties. ESPN couldn't be more excited about these penalties. People can't wait to see just how much the pound of flesh will weigh. Will it be multiple bowl games? Will it be financial penalties? Will it be loss of scholarships?

They really don't care. All they care about is the show. And being able to villify and destroy a man and a program who had been held for so long as the gold standard of college football, this is what they wanted. The media is thriving off of this scandal, and loving every minute of it. Because if there is one thing the media loves more than success, it's watching a fall from grace.

And this is the biggest fall from grace sports media has had in a long time.

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