Thursday, July 5, 2012

Philadelphia Union vs. L.A. Galaxy Postgame

What a game. What else to say? What a game. The Union played out of their minds. The L.A. Galaxy should be going out of theirs. The Galaxy had so many unfinished chances it hurt. But they couldn't finish. Despite the star power. Despite Keane and Donovan, and all the dives Donovan could bring to the table.

Now I won't say this was a match the refs controlled. Because the Union won. But Landon Donovan did get the benefit of the doubt a few times when the call could have gone either way. Or one time when Donovan should have gotten a card(ask Gabe Farfan) but he didn't. But in the end, it doesn't really matter. The Union show their grit and score 2 goals, both in stoppage time, to win the match.

So the Union win. And it's thanks to a full team effort. Hooray to the strikers and midfield for scoring. And hooray to the defense and MacMath for not allowing more goals. But in the end, what really won this match? Any guesses? If you said the following, you're right!!!


Hackworth let the Union play their own game. And when they needed firepower, in came Hoppenot, Gomez, and Pajoy. Exactly what they needed to score. And exactly what Nowak would not have done.

So enjoy your July 4th aftermath. Because the Union sure will!!!


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