Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Philadelphia Union vs. L.A. Galaxy Preview.

Tonight, on July 4th, the city where the United States was founded will face off against the L.A. Galaxy in a battle for Independence Day supremacy. And I can't wait. This is a battle between the the MLS Cup winners from last season, and a team that appears to be on the rebound since a managerial change. So who will win?

It's going to be a tough match, there is no question about that. The L.A. Galaxy have found their stride. They've put together a good run the last couple of games, and have been scoring goals at a pace that even the Union over the past couple of games have had a tough time keeping up with. But the Union do have a few advantages going into tonight's game.


One would be the loss of David Beckham for tonight's match. Due to yellow card accumulation the popular midfielder is out of tonight's match. But that doesn't mean that the Galaxy are without dangerous pieces. Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane still lead a potent L.A. attack.

But it's precisely those players that give the Union their advantage. No one can deny their skill. But no can deny their age either. The Union have youth on their side. And in a midweek game, youth is something you need. The Union legs should stay fresher than the Galaxy, a factor which will be important in the second half especially.

But unfortunately, I think legs will be a factor for both teams, so don't look for MacMath to post another shutout. Both defenses will be tired, and I think both will let in bad goals. Look for a high scoring game, and look for the team that scores first to win.

So now here's my prediction. Short and sweet and nothing else. 4-3 Union.


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