Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Decision

Silas Redd has made his decision. And for PSU fans, its not the decision that we wanted to hear. Silas Redd will be a Trojan in the 2012 college football season. Is this what PSU fans wanted? no. But should PSU fans be mad at Silas Redd? NO!

Redd committed to Penn State to play for Joe Paterno, and to play for bowl games and national championships. And despite the obvious irony of transferring from one school facing sanctions to another, I can't blame Redd for switching schools.

let's looka t facts. at PSU, Redd has 2 seasons of eligibility left. But after a stellar sophmore season, with over 1200 yards and 7 touchdowns, he faces no bowls or postseason for the rest of his career. At USC, despite sanctions, its a different case. He faces one year of postseason sanctions, then the trojans are free to compete for postseason glory. So after what will essentially be a warmup year, Redd will be able to lead the Trojans to glory in the weakest conference iin college football. In terms of a post college career, Redd probably made the right choice.

But it's not the choice PSU fans wanted to see. We wanted to see Redd stick by his word, and play for PSU despite sanctions. we wanted to see Redd lead this team to a winning record, and fight against what many view as unjust NCAA sanctions. But alas, it's not to be.

Instead, Redd joins Lane Kiffin at USC. A school that most PSU fans, myself included, detest. But we can't hate Redd for his decision. And we can't blame him for leaving. he made the decision that was the best for him and his future. Instead, PSU fans need to face this season with the team we have. And with the commits we have. and we have a strong team left, and strong commitments from high school players. The future of PSU players did not depend on Silas Redd. But he sure would have helped.

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