Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guess Who's Back?

This guy.

That's right, dear readers. Sebastian Le Toux is back again. This time in a Vancouver White Caps kit. And this game has more ramifications than Le Toux has scored goals for the Union.  Was the Le Toux trade worth it? Can Adu step it up and lead this team? Is Califf really on the outs with Nowak? Can Nowak system of young players work? Can the backline hold against a potent scoring threat?  Can MacMath keep soft goals out of his net?(Writing all the questions down actually makes you sit back and think, WOW)

Although all these questions are important, some we can discount right away. Get rid of any questions about Le Toux. It doesn't matter if it was the right move or not, it's done. He's gone. It's time to move on and plan how to stop him. And that brings us to the most important questions. The questions about the defense and goalie.  And whether or not one of the leagues stingiest defenses last season can be anywhere close to last year's form.

If there is one positive to this game, it is a return to defensive stability. Williams is back from sitting on the national team bench. Califf's mystery injury should be healed by now. This allows to defensive stalwarts for the Union back on the field. And this should help solve the other pressing defensive problem. The problem in goal.

I think MacMath has the potential to be a great keeper. And yes, he has let in soft goals. And yes, that needs to stop. Right now. But with a better and more cohesive defensive line in front of him, MacMath should have an easier time in net. Yes, he will still have to stop shots. But with a better, veteran defensive front, that hwill not be out of position as often, the demands on MacMath should be less. And a raucous PPL Park crowd will be behind him.

Which brings us to the game. Can the U finally notch a tally in win column? Against a returning hero? Unfortunately, again, I will have to say no. a West leading Vancouver comes in undefeated, and Le Toux has a chip on his shoulder. As much as he loved Philadelphia(past tense) he despises Nowak(present tense). And he will be on the warpath. i think there will be a lot of defensive fireworks at PPL Park on Saturday, but they will all be from Vancouver. Another new formation, combined with an attack that can't finish will lead to defeat.

Vancouver 4 - 0 Philadelphia

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