Thursday, December 22, 2011

Too Soon?

   It was a picture perfect return for Claude Giroux. A 4 point night in his first game back. A goal and 3 assists, including a beauty to Jaromir Jagr. The Flyers played well behind their returning assistant captain, winning 4-1 on the road. It was a good sign for the Flyers, who have struggled the last couple of games.

   Giroux left the lineup on Dec. 10th, after he took a knee to the head in the game against the Lightning. He missed 4 games, and the final 2 games of that stretch the Flyers really missed him. They took a brutal beating at home to Boston, losing 6-0. After that loss they traveled to Colorado, and lost in the shootout. Even though they played better in Colorado, it was still a tough loss for the Flyers.

   But with Giroux back, the Flyers had new life. They played a much cleaner game, took better shots, and looked like a team to be feared. They scored 4 goals, and scored in every period. They looked like the offensive juggernaut that they had been with Giroux at the helm. So is it too early for Giroux to come back? Will he reinjure himself the same way Sidney Crosby has in Pittsburgh? Only time will tell.

But I'm glad he's back.

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