Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Eagles Season is Over

The Eagles season is done. And I know I don't talk Eagles very much. But when the Giants beat the New York Jets, it officially ended the Eagle's season, and in my mind, it should end Andy Reid's career as the Eagle's head coach. Reid has had 13 seasons to take this team to the top, and for a while he came close, but he could never seal the deal. And the team has been headed down for the past couple of seasons.

And that is why Andy Reid doesn't deserve another shot. 13 years is more than enough time to take a team to the Super Bowl, and to win one. If you haven't accomplished that goal in 13 seasons, its time to part ways. That's not saying that Andy Reid is a bad coach. But listen to the same record 13 times, and eventually you get tired of the song.

So Andy, it's been fun. We had some good times, we had some rough times. You won a lot of games. You answered no questions in press conferences. You were brusque with fans, and secretive to the end. But its time to go. And if the Eagles finish the season 8-8, I know you'll be back. But that doesn't mean you deserve the 14th chance.


  1. He deserves to be back. The team was totally different from 2010 in terms of defense, and he had a new defensive coach, which the players were not buying into.

    Look at the losses as well in the early part of the season, any of those games could of been won if not for a fumble by say Maclin against the Falcons, a dropped pass.. ect..

    The team finally found out who they are, and with a full off season and a full pre-season, Juan could gel the defense to play to the level they are showing right now. I would be glad to roll into 2012 with the exact same roster, besides 1-5 players, mainly Young.

    Juans job was on the line vs the Cowboys imo, and granted they knocked Romo out early.. They almost pitched a shutout vs the Cowboys.

    Reid deserves one more year, whether or not it is the right choice. What coach out there is going to replace him? The only one I would want is Bill Cowher.

    The Eagles are not in a rebuild state of mind right now, and a new coach.. thats what would happen to the team, even with the talent.. You would have to wait another year to gel again.

    All Andy needs to do this year is either find another WR, or sign Jackson, get rid of Steve Smith (who perhaps could turn into his former self, but the team does not need him at the moment) Hire a back up QB (Kefka i would honestly not mind seeing as a #2 though if the O line can develop more, or get some key players) and learn that he has perhaps a top 5.. if not top 3 RB in the league right now to take pressure off Vick and the passing game.

  2. The linebackers.. and Safeties.. are too hit or miss to talk about..