Thursday, December 13, 2012

Begin Again

And so the posts begin again. I realize I haven't posted in quite some time. But I thought I'd post again, just to see if anyone still wanted to read my ramblings about sports. But now, on to what really matters. The sports.

Tonight, I have 2 tickets to the Eagles game. The Eagles will be hosting the 7-6 Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football. What does this mean for the Eagles? Well, in the end, not much. The writing appears to be on the wall for Andy Reid. at 4-9, the Eagles sit in the basement of the NFC East, and appear poised to stay there for the remainder of the season. The one bright spot tonight will be the play of young players, particularly Nick Foles.

Can he be the quarterback the Eagles need? Last week showed some flashes of brilliance, and a last minute drive. Both of which Eagles fans haven't seen for a while. And that will hopefully bring some energy to the home crowd tonight.  Because last week was his audition for whoever his new coach will be. But this week could be considered his audition for Eagles fans. Have we seen him play before? Yes. But have we seen him play after a victory like their win over Tampa Bay? No. But Foles won't be alone tonight

Playing behind Foles, but working equally as hard to guarantee a roster spot under a new coach will be Bryce Brown.

Brown has also shown flashes of ability in his games since LeSean McCoy went down with a concussion. Flashes that have left Philadelphia fans drooling. Imagine, a team with a competent head coach and a healthy offense line, directed by Nick Foles, with the tandem of McCoy and Brown in the backfield.? That sounds  like a  team Philly fans want to see. But until next season, all we have are games like tonight. A game with a bad offensive line. A game where the best thing we can do is play spoiler. But hell, its still a game, and the Eagles still want to win.

And I think they will.

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