Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Philadelphia Advances to U.S.O.C. Semifinals

The Philadelphia Union blew past the Harrisburg City Islanders last night. I mean just put on a clinic. Especially in the 1st half. The Union were up 3-nil at the break. Adu, Mcirnerney, and Pajoy had scored, and the Union were rolling. Nothing was going to stop them.

Cue the Harrisburg City Islanders, who came back from 3-0 in their last match to win in PK's. But come on, they can't do that again? Can they?

The City Islanders came out of the break ready to play. They wanted to advance, and they wanted to prove last round wasn't a fluke. So what did they do? They scored 2 goals in rapid succession, and they struck fear into the hearts of fans and players alike.

But did the Union give in? No. They brought the game back under control, scored 2 more goals to put the game out of reach, and cruised past the City Islanders with a final score of 5-2. And with their 5 goals, they have now scored more goals than they did in their first 12 league matches. And they advanced to their first U.S.O.C. semifinal in team history. They'll be playing a Sporting K.C. team in PPL Park. A team they handled easily, 4-0, just this past weekend.

So what does this mean for the Union? Well they finally have a shot at some silverware. But more importantly, they seem to be showing life. They are enjoying themselves. And they are letting fans enjoy the game again for the first time all season. Nowak is gone, Hackworth is in, and this team is flying around the field.

Can they win the U.S.O.C.? Who knows. Will they make a run now to try to get back in the playoff hunt? Who cares!! This team is fun to watch again, and I'm just going to enjoy the ride.

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